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nysc news

NYSC Batch B 2016 Call Up Letter

Printing of the 2016 NYSC Batch B call up letter has started.

See how to check yours below.

Deadline for printing of the call up letter is 25th November, 2016.

nysc call up letter

Details on how to print your NYSC Call up letter is available on the NYSC Batch B page.

read: How to Print your NYSC Batch B Call Up Letter


NYSC Batch B 2016

Here is what we know about the 2016 NYSC Batch B.

The NYSC 2016 Batch B Orientation Course commences on 24th November, 2016

Registration for mobilization closes on 12th September, 2016

Read the full update here


NYSC Posting

With new arrangement, potential corpers can now select three(3) they’d love to serve.

NYSC now chooses one of those states for them.

I mean one of those 3 states they selected while registering.

But like most things, there’s some level of restriction.

See my nysc posting post for choosing criteria for NYSC Posting – click here

nysc call up letter

An NYSC call up letter is the one paper that confirms that you will be going to camp with the current stream.

A quick guide on how to print your call up letter can be found here.

nysc portal 2016

The portal is where stuff happens for all corp members.

Printing and registration of NYSC ish is found there.

Here is the official NYSC portal for 2016 – http://portal.nysc.org.ng/

See the complete list of all NYSC Portals here

nysc exemption letter

So, one hot sunday morning in 1985, some group of guys decided that some conditions must be met before one could pertake in the National Youth Service Corp – NYSC.

If you belong to the categories stated.

You need to get the NYSC Exemption letter.

This is also known as the certificate of exemption.

This document will protect you from any wahala that might burst from some random employer asking you – can I see your NYSC certificate?

Categories of persons that are exempted from service and other necessary info regarding NYSC Exemption can be found here

NYSC Relocation / Redeployment

If for some reason, you decide to Redeploy.

Don’t just decide to go serve in your village.

There is a procedure to apply for a relocation / redeployment.

Check out the acceptable grounds for relocation or redeployment by clicking here

Correction of Date of Birth

The NYSC just announced that information from WAEC will no longer bes used to effect changes on the NYSC Portal.

The New Procedure for NYSC Date of Birth Correction is to submit:

A hand-written application to the Student Affairs Officer (SAO) of their institution to be forwarded to the NYSC including the following:

  1. A copy of West African Examination Council (WAEC) Results Certificate showing Date of Birth;
  2. Completed Bio-Data form upon entry into the Institution; and
  3. First School Leaving Certificate
  4. WAEC Results Verification PIN for use by NYSC.

Community Development Service (CDS)

The NYSC scheme had a lofty aim to reintegrate Nigerians together through their youths by sending young graduates to faraway areas distinct from their background.

I believe this goal would not be achieved by corp members just getting to know this new community, their culture and life style and maybe learning and appreciating a thing or two, without them expressing and reciprocating love and friendliness to their new host community. Read the Full Article here

News from other Sites

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